Day 2 of Panchakarma – still fasting

Last night, by the time I had supper the gap between meals had been more than six hours. As a perennial grazer that’s a pretty good achievement. Dinner was more runny rice, only this time I managed to eat most of the large bowl Dr A offered me. She explained I’d not been hungry enough at lunchtime because my body was still assimilating the morning’s medicine.

Day 2 of Panchakarma has been more or less a repeat of yesterday. I got it together to cycle over to Dr A’s clinic for 7am where she took my pulses and doled out the medicine. More warmed ghee with herbs but with less of a gag reflux.

While I was slurping the medicine I had a brief chat with the woman nearing the end of her own Panchakarma programme. I asked her what she thought about it all. She explained she was feeling lighter, in all sorts of ways, as well as having chucked out a load of toxicity from her body. Note: This woman is fine of face and figure. She’s got great, symmetrical bone structure. There’s no excess fat. And her skin glows. I realise I won’t ever look as fabulous as she does, but the glowing skin, the lighter feeling, that seems possible and what I’m going for. Slimmer would definitely be wonderful too – you saw that photo of me didn’t you?

Back home today I’ve been experiencing a different type of internal ghost. This one is hanging out in my mouth. Often, along with the morning coffee I have a ragi biscuit (or two!). Ragi, or Finger Millet, is a grain that originates from Africa but is widely used in Southern India. The biscuits are made locally. In the UK the nearest thing we might get to a ragi biscuit in terms of texture is shortbread. There is a similarity with the grittiness – quality and colourwise they are very different (see photo). And it was the grittiness of the ragi biscuit I could feel, and crave, in my mouth. Did I resist? Of course, I resisted! I’ve also had to resist lying down. However, my eyelids are less resistant – even as I type. You’ll have to forgive me if this danf;kdag;kjadg’laj’d happens 😉

Apart from a restricted dietary intake, there are various activities on the currently-forbidden list during this part of the Panchakarma programme. One of those restricted activities is (quoting Dr A) “playing with water” and generally getting wet. (And for anyone with a smutty mind like mine, yes that does mean no slippery sex for now.) On a more prosaic note: if it rains I’m to get an auto-rickshaw so I’m covered; I’m not to do any laundry, which I do by hand and most days; and today I’m also not allowed to shower. Fortunately the weather is cool enough I’m not desperate for a shower the way I would be if we were in summer, nor am I going to be in either polite or impolite company – other than Mr D (no sex anyways) and the doctor of course.

With this being only Day 2 of Panchakarma you wouldn’t be surprised there are no new changes. There bulbous belly is still evident but, given the lack of food, feels less tight. An unexpected development is that I’ve felt the need to brush my teeth more and Mr D mooted last night that my breath smelled different. The headache seems constant, but more as a brain freeze than real ache.

Currently the time is around 3pm and all I’ve had today, Day 2 of Panchakarma, is the medicine and hot water – and the ragi biscuit ghost in my mouth. I’m considering waiting it out until dinner time. Fasting is no bad thing generally and as I’m not yet feeling famished I figure I might as well wait. Let’s see if that turns out to have been a smart strategy or not.

For now, wishing you food joy wherever you are.