Day 4 of Panchakarma – hunger has returned

Today’s post is a short one as there are no significant updates. With Day 2 and Day 3 of Panchakarma consisting of concoction and a light supper each day, this morning my hunger monster’s kicked in. Craved coffee and ragi biscuits and bread. Fantasised about a hunk of bread to go with the ongoing doses of rice soup. That said, way to go me, I offered and made Mr D a fresh coffee today. He’s not been feeling too good the last couple of days – mostly self-inflicted, if you get my drift… – so I was rising above myself in all sorts of ways. My coffee is good and strong, made from fresh ground stuff I get at a local supermarket. I satisfied myself with feasting on the smell and visuals alone (insert martyred sigh here).

On another note, after this morning’s concoction-sipping I took myself off to the main ashram of Bhagavan Sri Ramana Maharshi. The ashram gates are right on a busy main road, yet as soon as you walk through them the atmosphere changes to peaceful and serene. For about 20 minutes I wandered around the familiar spaces of the main samadhi hall and the adjoining one while the brahmin boys chanted Vedic hymns, their rhythmic sounds washing over everyone, whether standing, sitting in meditation, or circumambulating the shrines. A sweet slice of loveliness away from everything else going on and one of the pleasures of being here is having access to an ashram open to all throughout the day.

As an added bonus, shortly after I arrived into the ashram compound I had the good luck to see a white peacock displaying its tail feathers. In the photo is a white peacock but without long tail feathers. I took that photo in the ashram back in 2007. Today’s white beauty was a stunner. His feathers in open formation looked like silken lace.

So that’s the state of play for today. I’ll be back on the morrow.
Have a good evening all – and stay lovely.