Panchakarma Day 6 & 7 – the second stage

Panchakarma Day 6 & 7 included rewards, massages, initial improvements, and a lot of oil.

Folks, I gotta tell ya – I FEEL GOOD! Inside there’s a cèilidh kicking up a wild-fire of dee-light. And today is only Day 7. Awesome.

A quick reality check though. A caveat:

Today is only Day 7 of my Panchakarma, the chances are that sometime in the next month I may fall off the edge of the glee bridge that’s taking me to better health and into the stinky, slimy goo of frustration and bitterness below. But… that’s OK. I know that whatever comes is all part of the process. And who knows, I may just sail through this healing process. Dr A today told me I am a good patient, i.e. cooperative and willing. I’m certain my easy willingness is because I’ve seen and been on both sides of the patient/clinician relationship in various guises. Also, I’m bloody desperate.

But right now – to hell with all that. I FEEL GOOD!

Really. After months of scrapping myself through life like a bloated serpent feeding from the bottom of that stream of goo I feel as though I’m having some kind of rebirth. I think I feel this good from pure, unadulterated relief.

In a moment I’ll tell you about Panchakarma Day 6 & 7 activities and detail some of the positive changes I’ve noticed. But first, confession time…

I started my day WITH COFFEE! Yes, that hot, brown, smouldering beauty was all mine this morning. I’m both thrilled and shamed. Nah, not really – just outright dee-lighted. OK, enough of the cartwheeling. On to the important stuff. Let me give you the low-down on what happened yesterday and today.

Having had my last spicy, garlicky, ginger-laden rice soup on Friday night, Dr A told me to arrive at the clinic a little later than usual and she’d give me a sweet treat. She did tell me how to make it myself, and if I’d had the ingredients I might have, but in the end we agreed she would make it for me. So yesterday around 8:30am I tucked into a portion of home-made pudding. Dr A used a grain I’m not familiar with but reminded me of polenta, which is first pan-fried in ghee with some cloves. Once the grain turns a golden colour, hot water is added, along with some sugar, and cooked until the water is absorbed. Then Viola! Serve warm. That pudding was dee-li-cious. More so after five days of rice soup of course. I trundled off home and returned to the clinic around 10:45am for a massage. The massage had to be taken before 12pm because from noon onwards the sun is setting. By the time the massage finished I think it was just after, but anyhoo…

And so to the massage. Oily. That’s the first word that springs to mind. Consequently I was very glad to be wearing a – LOINCLOTH! Yep, Dr A tied a dark-red, cotton loincloth around my hips, a long flap of material hanging down the front. I removed my knickers and she helped tuck the material between my legs, over my buttocks and into the strip of material now tied at the side.

First I sat in a chair while she gave me a head massage. “So much hair fall,” she said. Sadly, not a news flash. Daily hair loss has been a concern for the past couple of years. I’m surprised I’ve any left on my head. Dr A then massaged my shoulders and neck. Next I was on the bench and my back for a full body massage there on in. And apart from my genitals, I do mean full. With oil poured over different parts of me in doses that’d make an Indian chef proud, and feeling more like an oil tanker had disgorged its contents all over me, her hands slid up and down, round and over all parts of me. From fingers, along arms, over breasts and down. I’ve never had my tits touched with such fluidity. Nothing sexual about it. (Note: my breasts are on the small side so if you’ve got hooters the experience might be different.) Onto my back and the tucked-in flap came down, the loincloth untied – I was butt naked. Along with a thorough back massage, I was butt massaged within a millimetre of my anus. It was hard fighting the natural urge to clench against it. To breathe in and go with the flow of her hands moving along my oil-soaked bod. But I did go with the flow. Remember? the good patient thing.

Afterwards I had a bucket bath. Dr A gave me something gritty in a small metal pot that I was to use to cleanse my body with. The stuff looked like finely-ground pumpkin seeds. I rubbed this into my body and rinsed it off. In another smaller pot was shampoo. After bathing I stepped out of the massage room and into mid-day sunshine feeling lighter, eased and super smooth. A short rest with a cup of hot water and I was on my way, free for the day to indulge. Yahoo. In fact, apart from another massage this morning, all weekend has been a fabulous reward for the previous five days. Going for dinner with Mr D last night felt like a celebration: I survived the medicine, I mostly enjoyed the rice soup, I kind of fasted for a couple of days, there are noticeable signs of improvement. What’s not to celebrate?

That’s probably why, this morning, I figured fuck it, I’m having coffee. That’s all I had too. No ragi biscuits, no other breakfast in fact. If I’d been hungry I would have eaten. But the coffee? That was fun.

Just before today’s massage Dr A said tomorrow would be less pleasant but after that things would be a little easier. Let’s see what she means. No, I did not ask. Better not to have any potential awfulness in mind for the next 24 hours, but rather allow myself the pleasure of being free to eat whatever the hell I like today. For lunch I had a croissant and mango lassi. Bonkers of course. Had a sugar rush. So guess what, I’ve been back on the hot water all afternoon. Ha, ha!

So from Day 1 through to Day 7 the key word has been oilation. Day 1 through 5 was internal oilation, via a decoction. Day 6 & 7 have been external. I think the next phase is more oilation, this time via enema. Sesame oil was mentioned. Cripes!

And now for a wee report on those positive changes:

  • Previously my arms looked as though they belonged to an old hag – think one of the witches from MacBeth – now they have some life, firmness, proper flesh under the skin.
  • The skin itself is softer with a sheen I’ve not seen for I don’t know how long.
  • My belly bloat is reduced. The hideous abdomen discomfort the same.
  • The weird indent in my left cheek has plumped out.
  • While at the same time my whole face has slimmed down a tad and my face seems to have opened up.
  • I walked over to Dr A’s clinic this morning, some 25 minute walk. Last time I walked that distance about a month ago it was hard going. Not so this morning. There was still the hip niggle, but not the knee. I cycled home with less fatigue in my thighs, more power getting up the inclines.
  • The inside of my mouth feels normal again after the metallic taste I had for most of last week.
  • Best of all, my brain, my mind. Life feels as though its flowing again. Previously, any lights on in there were few, behind dirty lanterns and all my wee neurones were working in near darkness, like a dark and musty room of men hunched over worn-out wooden desks scraping quill pens across crumbling parchment. As of yesterday, the fires have been lit, the lanterns cleaned and refreshed, the old fellas have pushed their work aside and are kicking back having a natter and feeling just fine. Sweet.

As for tonight me – I’m off out with Mr D for another scrummy supper at our favourite eatery, it’ll be my last for a few weeks.

Hope you’re enjoying your own weekend, wherever you are and whoever you’re with. And as much as you can, make it a good one – with or without any oil 😉