Day 13 & 14 of Panchakarma -the low down on the down below

So, about those enemas – three so far. The first and third was with the giant baby toy syringe. The second was this…


My first bucket enema encounter

Daunting was the first word that came to mind.

Although having seen something similar taken into the treatment room a few days earlier for my Panchakarma Comrade I was not surprised – but still, daunted. Where the syringe and thin rubber tube were genteel, the douche bucket (for that is its name – I’ve seen the box) was less pleasant. In fact more like, “Oh God, that do not feel good”, as the tube end went in and I focused on my breathing, tried to relax, similar to all the usual thinking about anything other than the process when I’m getting a cervical smear taken. That said, the enema tube up the bum is still more comfortable than the smear. Anyways, once the colon decoction and tube are removed I relax a bit before getting up and moving around. Sitting is not an option. A wad of paper against the anus and the potential for a down-flow is not conducive to bums on seats. I waddle around waiting for the moment, the precise moment, when the down-flow feels imminent. I trot to the toilet. Once I’m cleaned up I’m free for a couple of hours, which is just as well because by the time I get my breakfast at about 10:30am I’m a Starvin’ Marvin.

I normally return to the clinic around 12:30.

As I cycled over yesterday I got stuck behind a small truck down a narrow lane. In the back of the truck, along with two men standing, was a large, dark-brown cow. There were dots of red and gold across its backside (I’m guessing the cow was on its way between owners and had just received blessings). The cow’s tail was raised, the bum was looking large and as the truck suddenly slowed I braked too late and was inches away from the ooze that dribbled from the cow, down the back gate of the truck and hit the road – splat!

Some 60 minutes later, lying on my front on the massage couch and having the backs of my legs and buttocks massaged I worried that after the morning’s enema my behind would behave in the same way as the cow’s. I can report all was well and I was able to relax into the massage.

So enemas. No they’re not anything like colonic irrigation. I’m not able to endorse the latter, jury’s out on the former. But I’m betting that getting things lubricated is going to have a lot more benefit for my sluggish guts than just a load of warm water swilled around up there. Here’s hoping.

Results so far:
– Some weight loss – but I’m not eating much sugary food and I’m cycling to and from the clinic twice a day
– Facial colour and tone seems have returned to something more normal – now sort of pinky-brown instead of the week-old dishwater look
– Under-eye bags (the ones that would fit an Airbus-load of luggage) seem to be less puffy (more like the Airbus lost a few passengers and their luggage en route)
– The alertness continues, even when I’m tired at the end of a long day it feels more like plain tiredness rather than a mix of apathy, or “Who gives a fuck” lethargy, or even “Huh? What you say?” befuddlement
– Lungs and airway already seem freer to expand and do their job

What I’m most curious about is that deep in my lower abdomen I still feel bloated and tight despite the reduced external bloat. However, in terms of the core Panchakarma treatment, I’m only three days in with another 18 days to go so it’ll be interesting to see what other changes come about in that time.


Found the book in a local bookshop. Thanks for the steer Panchakarma Comrade.

And to all you lovely folks out there, here’s something potentially worth remembering – learning to relax, to breathe deeply and consciously gets the blood flowing. During my steady breathing during the nasal steaming and smoke swilling I’m going to visualise my blood flowing right the way through. Go to it lovelies!