Day 18 of Panchakarma – hot herb balls & a painful third nipple

As mentioned in a previous post, when the core Panchakarma programme began I thought I wouldn’t post so frequently as the daily procedures weren’t going to vary. Needless to say, what has been various are my responses to those treatments as well as additional new discoveries and delights. So far I’ve written mostly of my improvements, but today I discovered a down side to those hot herb balls used during the rub-a-dub-dubs.

Confession time: I have a third nipple.

Before you get freaked out, grossed out, or start thinking I’m some kind of human anomaly (although truth be told, that could be the case), a third nipple is not uncommon. I learned that alarming fact about 30 years ago. At the time I was horrified and distraught at the notion of my having a third nipple, until I read further and discovered such a thing is fairly normal. Mine is situated on the left side of my wide, but not deep, cleavage – almost on a line with my nipples proper. So if you’ve got something that looks like a mole somewhere on your chest, chances are high that you too have a third nipple.

Anyways, last night in the shower I noticed the colour of that spot was different, whereas it has always been a soft brown it was looking kind of red and inflamed. Sure enough today during the massage, when the hot balls were being tapped and rubbed in circles on my chest, that point felt sore. I made the three harem women laugh when I explained it was my third nipple. I’m guessing they thought I was just joking. Of course I was joking, but about a true thing. From tomorrow, a sticking plaster to cover it might the thing to ensure it’s free from injury while it heals.

Other than that, I think further progress is now becoming more subtle. After the initial speedy weight loss (although slight, it was rapid), the brighter eyes and clearer brain the changes now taking place will, I suspect, be about consolidating those improvements so that the benefits last way beyond the end of the programme. That said, I can see that undergoing a similar programme every two years or so would keep a person’s body  and mind strong, resilient and supple.

Many people who do go through various intensive Ayurvedic treatment programmes, including Panchakarma, go residential. A two-week or month-long stay in an Ayurvedic hospital under constant supervision must be a sure fire way to bust through the toxins, dis-eases and whatnots we acquire and accumulate through the daily grind. The idea of doing that residential thing appeals. And why the hell not? A more genteel approach to the ignominy of enemas and all that. Certainly there’d be more attention and less stress with having all your food and dietary needs handled for you. However, the way I’m taking this treatment means I also get to practice my new and improved lifestyle away from the clinic but also while I’m undergoing an intense treatment programme unlike anything I’ve ever done before. Although there’s less luxury this way, somehow the approach feels more balanced. Here’s hoping anyways.

Once again that time of day is upon me when I need to do a few exercises, wash down the body, cook, and relax this evening with my lovely Mr D.
Until next time, next discovery or next embarrassing admission – stay strong.