Best TV Advert in Ages

Recently, I witnessed the best TV advert I’ve seen in a long while. Unfortunately, despite several online searches to locate the ad., I’ve failed to find a link. (If I ever manage to find it I’ll reissue this post. And if you find it, please pass it my way.).

Nevertheless, the reason I’m posting a quickie on the subject of an advert is because it promotes – in brilliant visuals that cut right to the heart of the issue – the plight of people who find themselves outside the mainstream of sexual and gender identities (and yes that is a whole lot more people than “the only gay in the village” of the Little Britain British TV series…).

Even though the TV was on mute, the ad. grabbed my attention on a shuffle through the living room. My first reaction was that it was promoting an upcoming movie, but what got me curious was the less-flashy editing; lingering shots, various inter-related storylines, moments of painful naivety and poignancy held on screen for full impact. The ad. was a tender yet gut-punch portrayal of the ongoing awfulness that transgendered people face very day, all highlighted in clear and cogent visuals.

Overall the ad. had a positive message. The ending shot included a face composed of vertical slices of four transgender-identified people with the slogan “I am Transgender. I am Human” and looked to be advertising an Indian counselling service for transgender-identifying people.

About fucking time! Still, the ad. moved me for both the suffering and beauty shown in the ad.

I applaud the advert makers, the counselling service, the Indian government for funding, and the actors for sharing those stories and visuals. Because we all need to remember that freedom of honest self-expression allows us all to be free, creative, whole – individually and as a compassionate, caring, successful society.

💕 💙  Love, compassion, kindness 💜 for people of all shades, shapes and colours of being as we each seek our own paths through the sometimes awesome, sometimes crazed maze of life 💛 💚

LGBTQ FlagTransgender Flag

Image credits:
Transgender Symbol
LGBTQ FlagBy Guanaco and subsequent editors – SVG source (version of 17:56, 30 Sep 2011), Public Domain,
Transgender FlagThe Transgender Pride flag was created by American trans woman Monica Helms in 1999