Fatal Flaws – What’s Yours?

For a while now I’ve been cogitating on the aspect of the fatal flaw in my characters. In truth I never bother figuring out what their fatal flaw is, might be, could be, oughta be. I’m the non-plotting kind of writer (hence steering clear of novel-writing – so far) so I feel my way forward with my characters. This is probably because I’m not intelligent enough to conceptualise flaws in enough detail to make ’em fly on the page. That said I’m acutely, painfully aware in an overarching sense of my own fatal flaws, but without the specifics of them, the ins and outs, the playouts and hideouts of them. So in an effort to get more conversant with fatal flaws generally I figured it’d be a good idea to start with my own. I hereby announce that I will be digging inwards to discover what those flaws are and how specifically they manifest to cause all sorts of moral, ethical, courageous, progressive and more fatalities in my life. I’ll be reporting on the steps I take and what I discover. Watch this space- I hope it will be informative……